Day 4: Respect for the Classroom Teacher

Day 4: Respect for the classroom teacher

How Many Hats

I see it everyday. Classroom teachers switching from teacher hat, to parent hat, to nurse hat, to counselor hat. Not to undermine any of those people’s job or responsibilities but because when their “kids” are in their care they automatically take on those responsibilities. Teachers, like magicians, can pull a hat out of their pocket as fast as you can blink an eye.

I’ve seen classroom teachers, proudly wearing that teacher hat, then poof, parent hat appears when they see a child struggling.

I’ve even seen teachers continue to wear teacher hat and play nurse without blinking an eye. I don’t think any of the kids even noticed!

It’s amazing to witness!! Thank you classroom teachers for taking on this huge responsibility.

Teacher Hat Duties

*Prepare lesson plans while keeping in mind each child’s individual needs so they can be accommodated.

*Preparing lessons for, any where from 2-4 different subjects.

*Making sure there are substitute lesson plans available at all times in case of an emergency.

*administering assessments (some teachers have to administer assessments individually)

*analyze assessments for instruction purposes.

*Grade assignments (this sometimes happens as students complete it so that the child and teacher can reflect)

*Manage a classroom full of children all day! Sure their kids go to specials or recess. (You should see what a teacher can accomplish in a 15-25 min break)

They can:
*grade/analyze assessments
*make phone calls to parents (not just bad ones they love to share with parents how well their children are doing)
*collaborate with colleagues
*deal with behavior issues
*and if they’re lucky they might get to go to the bathroom (but not until they completed this whole list first)

Parent Hat Duties
*show compassion
*respond to emotional needs

Nurse Hat Duties
*put on band aids
*pull teeth
*wipe noses
*care for students who throw up

Counselor Hat Duties
*respond to students’ emotional needs
*talk with their kids
*seek help from counselors


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I've been teaching Title I Reading in a rural Missouri school for the past 8 years. I'm looking to find other teachers with a passion for literacy. I want to share thoughts, ideas, and current research on literacy trends and issues. I look forward to learning with/from you all!!!

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