Learning, Teaching & Writing, Oh My!

Follow the literacy lined road…follow the literacy lined road…follow, follow, follow, follow…follow the literacy lined road…

Only my life is not a dream. I really learn, and I teach, and I write, oh my! Okay…enough of the Wizard of Oz innuendos!

First and foremost I am a wife and mom. And yes, I find time to teach and write. Learning is a given. If you’re alive you should be learning!

Literacy is my passion! It is the cornerstone to our future. I believe if we continue to raise illiterate people there is no one to blame but ourselves! Enough of my ranting, though! The only way to fix it is to do it!

We must take action! I’ve set and ranted for a couple of years now! Fortunately for me, my administration has been patient with me, they’ve even listened! Most importantly, my boss would listen but he also required me to think of my own solution before he would offer advice. Thanks, Joe, for being such an amazing teacher and leader!

This blog is me taking action…learning, teaching and writing, oh, my!


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